Treatment & Care

  • Posted: 2012-10-15 00:00:00

The right sleep disorder treatment depends on the cause. Here you will find sleep disorder treatment information and tips for ensuring a good night's rest. Treatment Treatment of Common Sleep Disorders Explore treatments for sleep problems. Insomnia Medications Read about sleep medications for insomnia. Alternative Treatments for Insomnia Learn about natural sleep remedies. Sleep Apnea Treatments Get the facts on five types of sleep apnea treatment. Snoring Treatments Learn about ways to help stop snoring. 5 Snoring Remedies You Can Do Yourself Discover do-it-yourself ways to stop snoring. Narcolepsy Treatments Learn about drug and lifestyle treatments for narcolepsy. Daytime Sleepiness (Hypersomnia) Treatments Find ways to treat excessive daytime sleepiness. Teeth Grinding (Night Bruxism) Treatments Learn how to prevent teeth grinding, or bruxism, at night. Behavioral Treatment of Circadian Rhythm Disorder Explore behavioral treatments for circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Circadian Rhythm Disorder Medications Find out about medicines for circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Sleepwalking Treatments Take steps to safely treat sleepwalking. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Medications Learn more about medications that can help ease the symptoms. Drug Treatments for Bedwetting Get the facts on medications to treat bedwetting. Care Sleep Disorders: 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Ask your doctor these 10 questions about sleep disorders. Are Sleeping Pills the Answer? Find out what to expect from sleep medications. Make the Field of Sleep Medicine Work for You Learn more about this medical field. How to Use a Sleep Diary Track your sleep patterns in a sleep diary. Good, Sound Sleep for Your Child Find out about good sleep patterns for infants through teens. Good Sleep: Can It Still Be Simple? Learn about classic and high-tech sleep remedies Back to School: Back to Sleep Kids’ sleep requirements and school performance are linked.