Symptoms & Types

  • Posted: 2012-10-15 00:00:00

Symptoms & Types Yawn during long meetings? Turn off the snooze to catch a little extra shut-eye? These may be symptoms of a sleep disorder. Here you’ll find additional information on the different types of sleep disorders and their symptoms and when you should see a doctor. Symptoms Common Sleep Disorders Symptoms Learn the symptoms of four common sleep disorders. Sleep Disorder Quiz See if your symptoms signal a sleep disorder. Physical Side Effects of Oversleeping Is oversleeping getting in the way of your day? WebMD explains what can happen -- the physical side effects -- of getting too much sleep. You May Have a Chronic Sleep Disorder If … Wake up refreshed? Always alert? If not, you may have a sleep disorder. Insomnia Symptoms There are a variety of symptoms associated with insomnia, some of which can also occur with certain medical conditions. Learn more here. Sleep Apnea Symptoms Learn about six common sleep apnea symptoms. Narcolepsy Symptoms Narcolepsy is characterized by four general symptoms. Find out what they are. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Symptoms When the sleep-wake cycle goes awry, it affects the whole body. Check out these nine symptoms. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Symptoms People with this mysterious disorder are often violent. Find out more. Wake Up With Jaw Pain? You may be grinding your teeth during sleep. Find help. Sleepwalking Symptoms Sleepwalking symptoms aren’t as obvious as they may seem. Get the details here. Night Terrors Symptoms Night terrors are more than bad nightmares. Find out how to tell the difference. Bedwetting Symptoms Some bedwetting symptoms suggest a psychological or medical problem. Learn more here. Warning Signs Insomnia: When to See a Doctor Find out when you should consult a doctor about insomnia. Snoring: When to See a Doctor Is it time to see your doctor about snoring? Find out here. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder: When to See a Doctor Your “body clock� is off -- should you tell your doctor? Signs of Sleep Disorders in Children Lack of sleep affects children in many ways. Learn to spot the problem. Sleepwalking: When to See a Doctor Learn when sleepwalking needs medical attention. Night Terrors: When to See a Doctor Is your child having frequent night terrors? It may be time to see the pediatrician. When Does Bedwetting Suggest a Problem? Find out when kids’ bedwetting may be cause for concern. Child Bedwetting: When to Seek Treatment Check if kids’ bedwetting merits a doctor’s attention. Types What Is Insomnia? Learn the hallmarks and causes of insomnia. Sleep Apnea Learn about sleep apnea’s types, risk factors, and dangers. Sleep Paralysis WebMD explores sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when a person's mind is conscious and aware but the body is unable to move. Hypersomnia WebMD looks at hypersomnia, in which a person has trouble staying awake during the day. Jet Lag WebMD looks at how travel can affect your sleep and gives you tips on dealing with jet lag. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder Get detailed information, including causes, on this sleep disorder that commonly occurs with restless legs syndrome. Snoring Causes What causes snoring? Is snoring bad for your health? Find out. Sleep-Related Eating Disorder Have intense cravings to eat late at night? Wake up at night to eat? Find out what may be going on. Daytime Sleepiness (Hypersomnia) Spot the seven risk factors of excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnia). Teeth Grinding in Sleep (Night Bruxism) Find out why people grind their teeth and how to prevent it. Narcolepsy Get information on narcolepsy’s symptoms and causes. Circadian Rhythm Disorders: When Your Body Clock Goes Awry Jet lag, shift work, and crazy hours can wreak havoc on your body clock. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Good REM sleep is key. Find out what can disrupt this vital stage of sleep. Alcohol and some drugs can hamper your sleep. Get the facts. Parasomnias Learn about 15 disruptive sleep-related disorders (parasomnias). Sleepwalking Causes Learn what causes sleepwalking. Is it your genes, bad health, drugs, or stress? Nightmares Learn what causes nightmares and when to see your doctor. Night Terrors Night terrors affect up to 6% of kids. Get the facts, including causes and symptoms. Child Bed-wetting Learn why kids wet their beds and about the types of bed-wetting.