Living & Managing

  • Posted: 2012-10-15 00:00:00

Whether you have occasional trouble sleeping or you’re living with a sleep disorder, you can get quality sleep and learn to better manage your sleeping disorder. Living and Coping 10 Tips to Get Better Sleep Use these 10 sleep tips tonight. Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss If you are sleep deprived, you are at risk of developing a number of serious health problems, and your ability to learn and retain new information may be impaired. Better Sleep, Better Sex Good sleep can help your sex life. The Dream Diet: Losing Weight While You Sleep Lose weight while you sleep -- for real? How to Sleep Like an Olympic Athlete Studies on sleep and athletes yield tips for everyday people. Tool: Quiz: Is Sleep Ruining Your Diet? See if sleep problems hurt your diet. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: What You Can Do Creating a safe sleeping environment is key to living with this condition. Find out what steps to take. Personal Stories Sleep Disorders: Personal Stories Personal stories of people living and coping with sleep disorders.